About VGAD

Hi there!

We are formally known as the University of Alberta Video Game Art and Design Club- but you can call us VGAD!

Since 2010 we have been a resource for students at the U of A who want to be more involved in the game development community.

We’ll support you in learning to articulate your passion for games and developing game focused skill sets through group communication and activities. We have some events we host throughout the year, but most of the time we just hang out and play.

The most conclusive summary we can provide you with is that your outlandish opinions and stances on matters, that you may have assumed to be trivial, are not only wanted, but highly coveted. We promise that we will always be able to provide 1) someone who will disagree with you constructively, 2) someone who will not only agree with you, but also validate your opinion and 3) someone who will fight you incessantly for reasons that we have yet to comprehend.

You can reach us here: vgad at ualberta dot ca